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Back to School – Children’s foot health
Back to School – Children’s foot health

Left Foot

Right Foot

Left Foot


Feet in the morning

Feet at night

Left foot

Right foot

Feet, feet, feet

How many,

many feet you meet…

An excerpt from The Foot Book by Dr Seuss, 1968.

A new school year often means new school shoes are necessary. Here is a quick overview of a child’s foot and some tips on getting fitted for good quality shoes for your child.

Whilst painful legs and feet are common amongst children and adolescents, pain is by no means normal. Pain should be investigated if symptoms persist for 48 hours or more, if there is associated falling or tripping or self-withdrawal from sports and activity occurs.

Some of the more common areas of concern for parents include flat feet, in-toeing, heel pain, toe walking, ingrown toenails, plantar warts and skin rashes.

It is important to have your child’s feet evaluated by a podiatrist every year from around the age of three. A podiatrist can educate parents on appropriate footwear and normal development to provide peace of mind and sound management options.

When buying shoes consider these guidelines;

  • Shop for shoes later in the day as feet can swell.
  • Shoes should feel comfortable immediately; there is no need to “break them in”.
  • Buy shoes for the longer foot, feet are seldom the exact same size.
  • Have the feet measured when standing.
  • Try shoes on with the same sock that they will be worn with.
  • Get fitted by someone knowledgeable and trained in children’s footwear.

Call our professional friendly team at the Townsville Podiatry Centre on 4725 3755 to book your child’s annual foot check-up today, to keep them running tomorrow.

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img 07 4725 3755
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